The FUSION + CCC GIS + Onuma Collaboration Platform links three separate web tools to create a flexible and powerful means for districts to work on project across the facilities life-cycle, from campus master planning to energy monitoring to maintenance job ticketing.


The Foundation for California Community Colleges has been providing facilities and building data services to the 112-campus system since 2002, including building assessments, Facilities Utilization, Space Inventory Options Net (FUSION), and California Community College Geographic Information Systems (CCC GIS) Collaborative. FUSION and the CCC GIS Collaborative operated separately until March 2011, when the ONUMA System brought the two databases together to become the largest cloud computing building information modeling (BIM) and GIS platform. The new integrated

FUSION + CCC GIS + ONUMA system expands the capabilities of the colleges to manage and plan their physical space more effectively and efficiently.


 Integrated Data 
This new system combines FUSION’s inventory of all 71 million square feet of California Community College facilities and spaces and the CCC GIS Collaborative’s data building models in ONUMA System. The centralized online platform makes real-time data available to all users over the Internet without having to install or update software. 

Visualization and Planning
FUSION + CCC GIS + ONUMA adds new functionality to the services already offered by the two systems. Information that was previously available only in tabular data format can now be visualized as two- or three-dimensional building models, allowing for faster pattern recognition, better decision making, and accounting of facilities and assets. The BIM data can be exported to the most common formats for contractors and builders; this cross-platform compatibility also allows for easy updates once construction is complete. Project proposals and predesign plans can be produced locally and cost-effectively.

Detail Levels
ONUMA enables FUSION and CCC GIS data to be viewed at several levels. Maps can be portrayed visually at a statewide, campuswide, building, or room level. Additionally, the associated data can be aggregated in reports at any of these levels. Finally, ONUMA System has the capability to view and edit furniture and equipment at a room level.


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Site Level Viewing

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Floor Plan Viewing

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Site PLan Edits

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Editing Spaces

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Export to Excel and SketchUp

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Plan New Building

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Plan Proposal Combine 3 Existing to New

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