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Dictionary of FUSION and Facilities Related Terms


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Table C.5

Acronym for Inventory Analysis.

Related Words  Inventory Analysis

Taxonomy of Programs

The Taxonomy of Program (TOP) is a system of numerical codes used at the state level to collect and report information on programs and courses, in different colleges throughout the state, that have similar outcomes.


Temporary Replacement

Totals ASF of buildings slated for temporary replacement in the system. It pulls both the total ASF of temporary buildings between six and ten years of age and the total ASF of temporary buildings older than ten years of age.



Acronym for Taxonomy of Programs.

Related Words  Taxonomy of Programs


Designates a room's use by the state's Taxonomy of Programs listing


Total Facilities Costs and Needs

Summary totals of ASF totals for projected ASF needs over the next 5 years based on unmet needs, proposed facilities, and deferred needs.