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Dictionary of FUSION and Facilities Related Terms


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The extension of the availability of an appropriation for expenditure beyond its set termination date and/or for a new purpose.


Recognized Deficits

Cost increases above the original estimate necessitating that additional funding may be needed prior to bidding to build a project as designed should be discussed with the Chancellor's Office prior to the request for approval to proceed to bid.



Amount received as a repayment of the cost of work, service performed, or of other expenditures made for or on behalf of another government unit or department. Reimbursements represent the recovery of expenditures. Reimbursements are available for expenditures in accordance with the budgeted amount (scheduled in an appropriation).


Replacement Space

This option, for modernization proposals, must clearly demonstrate that the alternatives of modernizing existing space are 1) not cost effective and/or 2) that the program capability cannot be improved.


Request for Approval

An agenda item reviewed by the Board of Governors and CPEC and, if approved, authorizes a specific site as eligible to receive State capital outlay funds. State regulations stipulate that a Request for Approval shall contain: Part of masterplan/direct and justify state funds for capital outlay projects


Request for Approval or Encumber Funds

Is used to request the release of the next phase of funding. FPU users must fill out the form as appropriate and save the form. The district is then able to review the form, but only as read only content.


Resource plan

Showing how the human, financial, and material resources will be provided to implement the objectives in the educational and facilities plans.



The return of the unused portion of an appropriation to the fund from which the appropriation was made.


Room Use Code

Designates room uses for the space inventory