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Dictionary of FUSION and Facilities Related Terms


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Acronym for Office of Energy Assessments.

Related Words  Office of Energy Assessments


Acronym for Office of Emergency Services.

Related Words  Office of Emergency Services

Office of Emergency Services

Emergency assistance and funding.


Office of Energy Assessments

Energy assessment information.


Off-site Instruction

Courses and learning experiences designed and supervised by a college that occur in a work or service setting or at a location specific to the course content (e.g. an outdoor location, another city or country)



Acronym for Outside gross square footage.

Related Words  Outside gross square footage

Open Specifications

Are used to allow for competitive bid. Materials or systems referred to by trade name have two or more trade or brand names listed followed by the words 'or equal'.


Operations and Maintenance

Operations, maintenance, equipment upgrades and replacement, and minor remodeling because of change of occupant or program were defined as 'operations and maintenance', funded under the State operations budget.


Other GEN

Acronym for Other Gross Enrollment Needs.


Outreach Operation

An off-campus enterprise administered by an existing college or district and offering courses in leased or owned facilities which have not been formally approved by the Board of Governors. It is often located in other government facilities, usually enrolls less than 500 FTES (approximately 1,000 headcount) and may not be considered as having the potential to grow, over a period of time, into a college, campus or educational center. Outreach operations are combined with a college for accreditation and reporting purposes.


Outside gross square footage

Generally, replacement space and modernization proposals should not include an increase in OGSF; however, an increase in OGSF is permissible if the increase is demanded to comply with building codes. These increases cannot increase the number of stations/offices for the impacted space.


Overbuilt space/site

Overbuilt status determined by capacity/load ratios and/or district analysis


Owner Code

Designates a building's ownership status for the space inventory