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Dictionary of FUSION and Facilities Related Terms


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Net Capacity

Current capacity of each title V category and other ASF at each campus. This capacity is calculated on the Excess Capacity page by subtracting the gross enrollment need from the gross capacity at year one on a campus by campus basis. Any leftover capacity leaves excess capacity, which is then subtracted to leave net capacity.


Net Enrollment Need

This estimate is based on the ASF needed to accommodate projected enrollment less the net capacity currently available to meet that enrollment demand, and includes capacity needed to accommodate enrollment growth over the next five years. Calculates net enrollment need based on current deficiency and future enrollment growth. The current deficiency is calculated by taking gross enrollment need and subtracting it from the current ASF, which is done on the Excess Capacity page. If the difference is negative, then it is put into the current deficiency category. The change in enrollment growth simply represents the change in gross enrollment need from year one to year five. The total of the current deficiency and change enrollment growth should equal Gross Enrollment Needs minus Net Capacity.



Establishes the date of the start of construction and gives the contractor permission to commence work.