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Dictionary of FUSION and Facilities Related Terms


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Immediate infrastructure failure

System does not function as originally designed (example: regulatory agencies [fire dept, OSHA] threaten to close facility for use [code issues]).



Acronym for Integrated Management, Project Accounting and Control Technology.

Related Words  Integrated Management, Project Accounting and Control Technology


For the purpose of modernization proposals, applies to: building infrastructure – building systems within the facility, including structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and technology that are necessary to support the program space changes and/or for code compliance; infrastructure, including technology, outside of the building that directly supports the building only and/or for code compliance (from building to point of connection); and modernization categories shall not be used for the repair, replacement, upgrade or expansion of any campus-wide infrastructure system that is not identified with a benefit or improvement to specific buildings.


Initial Project Proposal

The purpose of the IPP is to introduce the concept and impacts on space intended by each project proposal so that efforts can be made to determine which projects should continue into more detailed planning and development. Districts should maintain the two page format by using a copy of the IPP form provided or a computer facsimile, but additional information may need to accompany the IPP to evidence such conditions as life-safety concerns, infrastructure failures, or other sources of funding besides State bond funds to be used to develop the project. As detailed in Chapter 3, IPPs are due no later than June 30.


Institutional Planning Committee

Represents each major college constituency, e.g. administration, faculty, student services, students, facilities, finance, and human resources. This committee is normally responsible for developing a statement of educational philosophy and college priorities to the satisfaction of all the constituencies.


Institutional support services space

Includes: student support services: i.e., counseling, EOPS, DSP&S, Financial Aid; Administrative support services: i.e., MIS, Administration, Facilities, Research, Print Shop; Other support services: i.e., faculty lounge


Integrated Management, Project Accounting and Control Technology

Project Management Software - IMPACT allows tracking of financial information, schedule events and quality issues (cost, schedule and quality). The software also allows input and tracking of all program participants (directory).


Inventory Analysis

Summary of initial inventory, excess capacity, and net capacity (initial inventory minus excess capacity) on a year by year basis.



Acronym for Initial Project Proposal.

Related Words  Initial Project Proposal