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Dictionary of FUSION and Facilities Related Terms


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Acronym for Gross Enrollment Needs.

Related Words  Gross Enrollment Needs

Gross Enrollment Needs

A display of the total gross enrollment needs for each of the title V categories and other needs. Lecture needs are calculated by the Lecture GEN page. Both lab and office needs are calculated by the Lab and Office GEN page. Similarly, library and AV/TV needs are calculated by the Library and AVTV GEN page. And other needs are calculated by the Other GEN page.


Gross Square Feet

All of the floor space inside a building measured from the outside surfaces of exterior walls. Aka Net Square Feet.


Group I -Fixed Equipment or building fixtures and service systems

Has the following characteristic: 1. It is securely attached to the facility. 2. It functions as part of the building. 3. Removal of the equipment results in visible damage to the building or impairs the designed use of the facility. 4. The equipment is generally interpreted to be real property rather than personal property. 5. Once installed, the piece of equipment loses its identity as a separate unit.


Group II - Movable Equipment

The designation given to equipment not identified as Group I - Fixed Equipment. Such equipment usually can be moved from one location to another without significantly changing the effective functioning of facilities at either location. If appropriate, existing equipment for an active program should be transferred into remodeled or expanded space before new equipment is considered. The need for new Group II Movable Equipment and its related cost request should be reduced as much as possible through the transfer of any existing equipment.


Guideline-Based Equipment Cost Estimate

The Guideline-Based Group 2 Equipment Cost Estimate form (JCAF 33) uses cost allowances per ASF from the Instructions for Preparing 1995-96 Capital Outlay Budget Change Proposals, September 1993 to estimate equipment costs for Group 2 – Movable Equipment only. Group I - Fixed Equipment costs are estimated based upon designed needs described in the working drawings and specifications for the project. The cost of Group I Fixed Equipment is included in the construction component of the FPP.