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Dictionary of FUSION and Facilities Related Terms


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A needed repair to a facility


Department of Finance

DOF has several major functions including establishing appropriate fiscal policies to carry out State's programs, prepare, enact, and administer the state's annual financial plan (budget), and analyze legislation which has fiscal impact.


Department of General Services

DGS consists of six divisions, including DSA, and 23 operational offices. Its diverse functions include e-commerce and telecommunications; citing, acquisition, development, leasing, disposal and management of state properties; architectural approval of local schools and other state-responsibility buildings; printing services provided by the second largest government printing plant in the U.S.; procurement of supplies needed by other state agencies.



A procurement process in which the community college district provides construction documents, prepared by an architect or engineer, from which contractors submit bids for completing the work described in the documents. Typically, the responsible bidder submitting the lowest price is selected to perform the work.



Design-Build is a method of project delivery that combines the design and construction functions and vests the responsibility for such functions with one entity – the Design-Builder.


Detailed Methodology for Enrollment Growth Assign Square Footage

Calculations for enrollment growth projects, very similar to Detailed Summary of Methodology. The calculations used here have already been calculated elsewhere.



Acronym for Department of General Services.

Related Words  Department of General Services

Distance Education

Instruction in which the instructor and student are separated by distance and interact through the assistance of communication technology.


District Enrollment Projections

Listing of enrollment and WSCH for every district for the first and last year of the five year plan. Calculations then display the difference in absolute and percentage terms.


District Office

An administrative, generally non-instructional, facility at a location separate from a college or campus. They are most common in multi-campus districts where more than one college and/or campus is served by a single administrative staff.


Division of State Architect

The Division of the State Architect (DSA) acts as California's policy leader for building design and construction, and provides design and construction oversight for K–12 schools and community colleges.



Acronym for Department of Finance.

Related Words  Department of Finance


Acronym for Division of State Architect.

Related Words  Division of State Architect