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Dictionary of FUSION and Facilities Related Terms


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Acronym for California State Assembly Bill 1473.

Related Words  California State Assembly Bill 1473


Acronym for Association of Chief Business Officers.

Related Words  Association of Chief Business Officers

ACBO Facilities Task Force

A sub-committee of the ACBO, provides the CCCCO with direction for policy and procedures at the statewide level.



Acronym for ACBO Facilities Task Force.

Related Words  ACBO Facilities Task Force


Acronym for American with Disabilities Act.



From a capital outlay prospective, if a facility can support an instructional delivery systems, it is considered adequate. If it cannot, it is considered inadequate and either the facility must be changed, or the instructional delivery system or the instructional course or program must be changed or abandoned in favor of one that can be taught effectively within the available facility. Facility designs must now be evaluated to see if they are educationally adequate for specific learning outcomes given better understanding of what kinds of experiences and facilities are essential to these outcomes.


Alternative Means

A portion of the capital facilities needs identified above can be offset by the use of alternative means of educational delivery. These alternative means of delivery involve modifying various components of the educational delivery process including scheduling, alternative instruction, and space utilization. Calculates alternative means of delivery on a campus by campus basis for each year. First, the current total ASF for y1 is pulled from the Current Total ASF calculation. Then the gross enrollment need at each year (years 1-5) is pulled for each Title V type. Then the amount of enrollment growth is calculated at each campus by year, with growth being the gross enrollment need at a particular campus divided by the current total ASF. If this growth rate is greater than 5 percent, then alternate means percentage is set at 5 percent. If the growth rate is between 0 and 5 percent, then alternate means percentage is set at that percentage. If the growth rate is less than 0 percent, alternate means percentage is set at 0. Then the alternate means for a particular year is calculated by multiplying the alternate means percentage by the gross enrollment need for the given year.


American National Standards Institute

Establishes code requirements for fire protection and life safety.


American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers

Writes standards and guidelines in its fields of expertise to guide industry in the delivery of goods and services to the public. ASHRAE standards and guidelines include uniform methods of testing for rating purposes, describe recommended practices in designing and installing equipment and provide other information to guide the industry. ASHRAE has some 87 active standards and guideline project committees, addressing such broad areas as indoor air quality, thermal comfort, energy conservation in buildings, reducing refrigerant emissions, and the designation and safety classification of refrigerants.


American Society of Testing and Materials

Establishes and tests performance standards of materials, material finishes and assembly components.


American with Disabilities Act

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (Public Law 101-336) provides wide-ranging civil-rights protection for people with disabilities in the areas of employment and accessibility to public and private services.


Analysis of Building Space Use and WSCH

The Analysis of Building Space Use and WSCH (JCAF 31) is used to tabulate assignable areas and show congruence with the district's 5-YCP. Assignable areas must be calculated from wall surfaces and not from wall centerlines. The entry for outside gross square feet (GSF) shall be supported by a Schematic of Drawings. Where applicable, keep reconstruction and new construction Assignable Square Feet (ASF) separate.



Acronym for American National Standards Institute.

Related Words  American National Standards Institute


Is an Authorization from a specific fund to a specific agency to make expenditures/incur obligations for a specified purpose and period of time.


Appropriation Expiration Date

Budget appropriations have limited time when claims may be made against the funds. All appropriations have a period of time where claims may be encumbered (reserved) and a period of time where cash may be distributed to cancel the encumbrances. The last day that cash may be distributed to pay the claims is called the appropriation expiration date. Funds not yet distributed return back (revert) to the authorizing account after the appropriation expiration date.


As Built

As-built refers to the project "as built” which may vary from the original plans and specs. Usually the differences are caused by change orders, site decisions, or site conditions. These changes are usually required to be documented on the drawings as an "as built" plan so that all parties know what happened, where everything is, etc.



Acronym for Assigned Square Footage.

Related Words  Assigned Square Footage


Acronym for American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers.

Related Words  American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers

Assembly Bill 16

Bill that established Kindergarten-University Public Education Facilities Bond Acts of 2002 and 2004 (Prop. 47 and 55).


Assignable Stations

Assignable Stations refers to the number of instructional stations or places are available within a classroom for use by students. For example, a computer lab with 24 student computers could be considered to have 24 Assignable Stations. The number of assignable stations is used in conjunction with student enrollment to estimate enrollment capacity.


Assigned Square Footage

ASF is the usable space within buildings for teaching and work purposes (i.e., all classroom, office, lab spaces, conference, and meeting and support rooms). Non-assignable space is the area of the building used for foot traffic and utilities (i.e., entry foyers, lobbies, hallways, stairways, restrooms, custodial, closets, and mechanical spaces.)


Association of Chief Business Officers

The Association of Chief Business Officials offers business officers in California opportunities to develop professionally, to identify issues affecting community colleges, and to share their expertise with their colleagues.



Acronym for American Society of Testing and Materials.

Related Words  American Society of Testing and Materials